Soldier Finds Inspiration to Be Musician While
Serving in US Army MEMPHIS—Hip hop artist, Durt Boi, found inspiration to pursue a career in
music while he was serving in the US military in Iraq. Since his homecoming,
he has produced numerous singles, including an upcoming release, “Got
Wurk”, and will release his debut mixtape entitled “DOUBLE CUP”, in early fall
of 2015.

While serving in Iraq, Durt Boi was walking from the mess hall in the desert
back to his post with a good friend, KB. As they walked, KB addressed Durt by
his nickname and asked, “Mix, what do you keep writing in that pad. I see you
writing in it all the time!” Durt confessed that he was writing down rhymes, to
which KB responded, “let me hear some then!”

At that moment, Durt started spitting some bars off the top of his head,
feeling rather self conscious. To his surprise, KB was intrigued and urged him
to “get out of the military and pursue your music career.” According to Durt,
this encounter was his first realization that he might establish himself in the
music industry.

Since that fateful walk in the deserts of Iraq, Durt Boi has come a long way
indeed. He has released numerous singles with accompanying music videos.
His recent release “Supa Soakar” has thousands of views on YouTube, and
will soon be followed by the track “Got Wurk”.

Durt Boi has just begun on his path to a music career, but it seems that he is
steadily rising in the ranks of the world of hip hop, continually growing his
following, and staying true to his ambitions.

Durt Boi is a rapper and hip hop artist based in Memphis, Tennessee. His latest
releases include “Supa Soakar” and “Pop Drop & Roll”, both of which can be heard
on his YouTube channel. Durt Boi Iz Da Name & Durty Boi Music Iz Da Game!