dbm_niagra_falls-1926-EditComposer in the Desert

Durt Boi first discovered his love for music while serving in the United
States Military in Iraq. Scribbling rhymes in a tattered notebook, the
artist was setting down the first lines of what would soon launch his
musical career.

Riverside Beginnings

Hailing from the tough streets of the Riverside community in South
Memphis, Durt Boi has overcome many hardships over the years, all
of which have shaped him as the artist he is today. Since his
homecoming from Iraq, he has dedicated himself to his music and
produced numerous singles and viral music videos, including his
recent single “Supa Soakar”.

Durt Boi has worked with major acts such as Too Short, Devin The
Dude, Playa Fly, 8Ball&MJG, and Young Buck. Thus far the rapper has
performed primarily in his hometown and in the Northwest, but is
continually reaching out and debuting at more clubs across the country.

“Out Of Town Artist Of the Year”
(Jackson Music Awards/JMA’s)

Winner of “Coast 2 Coast Video Interactive Award”
for Durt Boi – Pop Drop & Roll